Gamer Psychology

Gamer Psychology

Gamer Psychology

Are the games of 2008 are better than the games of 2017 and 2018? This the question where news steller is thinking and observing. This is the Gamer Psychology.

Actually, most of the games addicts are observing the graphics. Most of the gamers have a hope that new games give more high graphics than previous games. No matters that which type of story is.

There is another thing in Gamer Psychology that the lover of first-person prefers first-person games and third person lover prefer the third person video games.

Most of the gamers like Assassins Creed’s Ezio who was the hero of Assassins Creed Two, Brotherhood, and Revelations. However, Assassins Creed Unity and Origins were very much better than that.(This is the sample of every story of gaming life).  And this is my ‘Psychology’.

There is the discussion of far cry five and two is discussing nowadays. No matter, I love good graphics and I am enjoying the Far Cry 5.

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