Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Shadow of the tomb raider which is the Most Awaited Game 2018 is one of the favorite video games. Eidos Montreal has invested all his creativity in this game. The developer has put his utmost efforts to make it a perfect game. The publishers Square Enix are also fond of it. They are trying their best to make it the best game of the year. It is game with series. That is why people are very much attracted towards it. There are many features which make it the hot favorite of every player.

Video games are gaining trend these days. They are becoming more and more interesting. Not only children but adults are also interested in this activity. Some consider it as a waste of times. Parents are not in support of such activities. They want their children to get involved in outdoor games. But the amazing graphics and designs of video games have engaged the youth. There is a  lot of competition in this field. Every day brings a new design.  The players want everything to be very interesting and captivating. There are a lot of games. But every player has a favorite game. Most of the video games include action and thrill.

Playing Medium

In past days there was the only computer. But nowadays there are many pieces of equipment to play video games. The most used is play station. This game is operated on play station 4. It can also be played on XBOX. It is the latest equipment. Children are fond of it. X box CDs for this game are purchased more as compared to other setups. Moreover, a shadow of the tomb raider can also be played on windows. But the use of windows is becoming less day by day. The craze of the game also depends upon the medium you use to play. X box is in fashion for playing this game.

Reviews about the Trailer

The shadow of the tomb raider will be released on 14th September 2018. The trailer is quite amazing. It has attracted everyone. It is also predicted that this game will also have a squeal. The trailer depicts a mountainous scene. The background is very captivating. the main character is seen around mountains. Which shows that it is a very thrilling and adventurous game. As the name includes “the tomb” it means the game will have an ancient touch.  The trailer also shows ancient pyramids. This makes it very interesting. The trailer has intrigued everyone. Everyone is anxiously waiting for the game release.

What is the Game about?

Those who have played the previous series are familiar with this Most Awaited Game 2018 one too. This game includes the tough and adventurous journey of Lara. She has to go through a lot of difficulties to unlock the haunted tombs. Lara has to face lots of struggle. She keeps on combating with her super weapons and techniques. The game is all about solving the puzzle and saving yourself. It is a mixture of thrill, action, and adventure.

Outfit and weapons

Outfits and weapons are the main attraction in any game. The players are fond of best graphics and themes. The outfit Lara carries is very interesting. She is acting like a warrior and mystery solver. The outfit looks more like a soldier. The whole gutsy look is very impressive. It gives a look of a struggler. When it comes to weapons they are also very attractive. She is not using guns like other games. As this game is picturized in the jungle the weapons include dagger, arrows, and ropes. This gives it an ancient look too. All these features have made it captivating.

The players can’t wait to unlock the tombs. This game will be demanded mostly on X box.  The theme is giving a good preview. Now, everyone is waiting for the release of the game.  The trailer is having a good rating. It is predicted that this will game will be better than the previous series. The graphics are different than the others. The character of Lara is also very interesting. Everyone is eager to play the role of Lara. There are just a few months left in the release. It will prove a better squeal for the series this year.


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